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Design Therapy

1. First, you talk and we listen.

This is the Design Therapy portion of our program, folks. We ask questions, you answer. But we’re not asking you to tell us about your mother… unless she needs a logo. We’re talking about your business. Pretty soon, we’re having a great conversation about your goals, your niche, your spirit. Through this dialogue, we’ll get good insight into your project and needs. You’ll also likely gain insight into your own business identity and personality.

2. Then, we tell you what we heard.

We use diagrams, sketches, research data, examples and descriptive words to make sure we’re all on the same page. We know this step is often overlooked. We also know that this is the most important part of creative collaboration, and that planning is integral to getting you the most return on your investment. We use a collaborative workspace to collect your thoughts and links, and we collaborate while building the ‘concept’.

3. Next, the product takes shape.

Once we agree that the ideas we’ve generated are the right solutions for your business, we move on to the shape of things. Whether it’s a logo or an entire online system, we go through several rounds of artwork revisions, refining your new image.

4. Then we make it real.

Now that we have designed it to perfection, your project will slip into production with ease. During this process you’ll get timely updates, according to our agreed project plan. We’ll never leave you hanging. designbymaura knows you’re excited to have the final results in your own hands.

5. Do we have the thumbs up?

Once you approve, we’re ready for launch. or printing. or construction… basically, we don’t go until you say so.

6. We’re here for you, and we mean it.

Once your project is in use, we don’t just hope for the best and say see ya. designbymaura follows up, to see how your business is growing. We want to hear how your site, campaign, brand package are performing for you, so that we know how to better serve you in the future. And you can always call us too, you know.